PERSTORP expands PEVALEN™ production capacity

Edited on 01/11/2019
PERSTORP, producer of the PEVALEN™ polyolester plasticizer, has entered an agreement with the Italian company ALCOPLAST to increase its annual PEVALEN™ production capacity to 50,000 tons.
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PEVALEN ™ (pentaerythritol tetravalerate or PETV / CAS = 15834-04-5) is a phthalate-free plasticizer which according to the Swedish group PERSTORP which markets it, exhibits excellent qualities compared to both leading phthalate and phthalate-free in : UV resistance, low volatility and viscosity, anti-fogging and fire and smoke resistance. In addition, the company PERSTORP indicates that the use of PEVALEN ™ can reduce plasticizer consumption by up to 20%.

PEVALEN ™ is used for close contact to consumer applications, for example for the production of toys and childcare products, apparel and accessories, sports & leisure products, automotive interiors products or other applications such as furniture, floors or wall coverings.

The PERSTORP group announced that he has entered an agreement with the Italian group ALCOPLAST to increase the production capacity of its PEVALEN™ range to 50,000 tons / year from 2019. PERSTORP estimates that the demand for phthalate-free plasticizers will continue to grow. Investment projects are envisaged to increase again the annual production capacity of PEVALEN ™ beyond 100,000 tons.


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