POLYONE provides a new alternative to phthalates in the field of plasticizers for PVC: SynPlastTM L9TM-E

Edited on 02/09/2017
Developed and marketed by Polyone, the plasticizer for PVC SynPlastTM L9TM-E is phthalate free and offers a wide range of applications (electrical, automotive, building / construction ...).
News text: 

SynPlastTM L9TM-E is a plasticizer for flexible PVC composed of a linear trimellitate with alcohol functions.

According to its manufacturer, SynPlastTM L9TM-E presents performance characteristics equivalent to the linear plasticizer SynPlastTM 810TM (a plasticizer for PVC to achieve critical performances at high and low temperatures). SynPlastTM L9TM-E is based on an alcohol more widely available than the SynPlastTM 810TM in order to avoid supply shortage.

Intended for applications in the electrical sector (wires and cables) and automotive sector (PVC parts obtained by slurry molding, interior door coatings, upholstery, etc.), the SynPlastTM L9TM plasticizer is also formulated for use in building and construction applications (flooring, roofing membranes, window/door seals) and for production of consumer goods (film sheet for pool liners, binders covers, etc).


For additional information: http://www.polyone.com/news/polyone-develops-high-performing-plasticizer-alternative-flexible-pvc