A search tool of alternatives to phthalates is online

Edited on 04/02/2019
In order to simplify your research of alternatives to phthalates, a table compiling all the information about phthalates substitution available on the Phthalates substitution website has just been published !
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The search tool is a table in Microsoft® Excel format summarizing all the alternatives to phthalates mentioned in Phthalates substitution website. Via this table, you can search alternatives for PVC or other materials; for a sector of application (for example: medical sector, construction, textiles ...) or for a particular application (flooring, PVC foams ...). Information about the substitute material or the substitute chemical substance is included in this table: trade name and name of its developers and/or producers and/or suppliers. For additional information about a specific substitution solution, a link allows to access to the source of the information.

In the future, this tool will be updated with each major change in the Phthalates substitution website.

Link : https://substitution-phtalates.ineris.fr/sites/substitution-phtalates/files/documents/drc-165804-00941a_outil_de_recherche_phtalates_en_vf_0.xls

The publication of this information doesn't mean that INERIS approves it.